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Airtronic air heater

Retrofitting a diesel heater in a motor home

With an additional heater, you can perfectly compensate for uneven heat distribution in your motor home and be completely independent when camping. If it’s unpleasantly cold around the lift bed or in the seat area near the windshield but you’re roasting in the rear bed, for example. Or if you’d like to see more than just fogged up windows or insulating mats when you look outside. And you don’t want to constantly worry about how much gas you’ve got left.
Then, a diesel operated additional heater is the alternative for heating the front and living areas of your motor home quickly and precisely.

Depending on your heat requirements and the available space, a pre-heater can be installed in various locations in a motor home, as shown below. You can see an underfloor installation in the blog of the camper van installation story.

In the seat bench

Here, the diesel air heater was installed in the storage space under the seat, near the door. From here, the heater can blow warm air both under the seats and into the cab. With an additional shelf, you can still make use of the storage space.

In the passenger seat

Here, the smallest Airtronic air heater was installed in the base of the passenger seat as an additional heater. With different vents at precise positions, the heat can be aimed directly at the cab or into the living area.

In the false floor

Here, the empty compartment in the false floor between the front seats was used for installation. In this location, the additional heater powerfully heats the front area, which can otherwise create a cold bridge, and keeps all the cab windows fog-free.