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Perfectly coordinated system components

Accessories for Eberspächer motor home pre-heaters

Metering pump holder

A calming influence

The metering pump holder designed specifically for motor homes ensures the correct pump installation position and prevents noise being transmitted to the body of the vehicle.


Heating at a whisper

After installation, pre-heater noise can be reduced even further if you wish. Retrofitting a combustion air intake muffler has a major impact compared with a manifold installed as standard. For optimum combustion air noise reduction, the largest possible exhaust muffler is recommended.

If there is enough space in the interior of the vehicle, a muffler can effectively reduce air flow noise as well.

Air outlets

Uniform heat distribution in one easy step

Eberspächer offers a simple, modular range of innovative, long-lasting air control elements, with a streamlined, quality design for seamless integration in modern vehicle interiors. This also applies to the covers from Eberspächer’s extensive air vent range, which are particularly colorfast and durable even at high temperatures. They are available in various shapes (0°, 30°, closable or 30° or 90° upright) and are simply clipped into the hose connection fitting. Available in black or white and for fitting diameters 50, 60, 75 and 90 mm.

Temperature sensors

Hit the target temperature with an external sensor

The temperature sensor reliably measures the current temperature in the vehicle and automatically adjusts the pre-heater to the preset temperature. Two versions available – for surface mounting or integration in the wall.
Important: If you have an EasyStart Pro control unit, a temperature sensor is already integrated. Despite this, an additional external temperature sensor could be recommended if the control unit is further away from the space you wish to heat – if it is installed in the front area or on the ceiling, for example. In a location like this, the temperature measured by the sensor may cause it to set the heating performance too high or too low.

Water-air convectors

Ideal temperatures in the interior

To distribute the heat of an Eberspächer Hydronic pre-heater in the vehicle, we recommend this quiet Eberspächer water convector as an ideal add-on. It comes equipped with a fan for fast, targeted heat distribution, even when you’re driving.
Heating performance of 2 kW to 10 kW with a low electricity consumption.

Altitude kit

Stay comfortable at altitude

To guarantee reliable pre-heater operation even at altitudes of 1,500 meters, older units need an additional altitude kit (for Hydronic, Hydronic 2 and Airtronic 1). Then, the heater will run without problem up to an altitude of 3,500 meters.
The Airtronic 2 and Airtronic 3 already have an altitude kit integrated as standard.
In the Hydronic S3 Economy, the altitude function can be set manually using the EasyStart Pro or EasyStart Web control unit.