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Efficiently cool your motor home and your supplies

Eberspächer cooling systems

Professional cooling technology

And the heat stays outside

Motor home life in the heat of the sun is at its best when the nights inside are pleasantly cool and the drinks are nicely chilled. With cooling systems from Eberspächer, you are ideally equipped to enjoy the best of both worlds to the full. In your own camper or motor home.

Energy efficient, ecological, extremely quiet

The AC system that lets you be independent

The Ebercool system operates with water and works on the principle of evaporative cooling. This means that the Ebercool can manage without a compressor and delivers its cooling performance in almost total silence. It doesn’t need much energy either, so you can even use the Ebercool as a 12 V parking cooler at night for longer periods without problem. Ideal for those who enjoy a life without sockets.

Mobile at all times

Powerful traveling companions

Our mobile compressor cooling boxes are ready for every adventure and prepared for a variety of needs. They keep your supplies constantly fresh in your motor home, even on longer trips and in extreme heat. The cooling boxes feature high-quality workmanship, are robust and versatile, and operate reliably. With their compressor cooling technology, they are very different from the usual commercially available picnic coolers, and their deep-freeze function down to –18 °C means they can be used for cooling or freezing.

Cooling boxes

The professional on-board refrigerator

Capacity from 15 to 50 liters. Temperature from –18 °C to +10 °C.

All Eberspächer cooling boxes are convenient to use, featuring a hinged lid for fast and easy access to the contents. Plus special energy-saving mode, a turbo cooling function and a 230 V connection (models TB 31A, TB 41A, TB 51A).